2020 Essential Services and COVID19 Protocols

This gleaning season started during lockdown. Some of the gleaning started under Community Garden Peterborough Public Health COVID19 Protocols. Then we moved to our own COVID19 Protocols. Many supplies were needed and alot of administration for contact tracing. Buses cost more then last year and could only take 11 people at one time. Every gleaner this year had to sign an agreement to follow the rules. Unfortunately children were not allowed and this wasnt a social event. This is about picking food that is needed to ourselves and others. We picked for those that were gleaning last year that couldnt attend because they were at risk. Groups depended on their community leaders to pick one or two strong gleaners. A new group of gleaners come out this year. Many folks drove out with their household then later their circle. We had 5 buses and 29 car trips.

We are preparing for 2021.

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Preparing for 2020

We are preparing for the 2020 gleaning season.  The price for the buses has risen so we are starting to prepare a budget and looking for funders. One bus will cost $210.00.   Thanks everyone for last year that was a great success.  Preliminary values have us over $23,000 in produce picked.  More info later.

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Yard Sale to fundraise for Peterborough Gleans

Sat Aug 31  119 Marina Blvd   8 to 1    Call 705 749 9977 for information.

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2019Peterborough Gleans

Thank you everyone who support and use the program.  We have been very busy gleaning. We are looking for more funding for buses that cost about $200 a bus.  Any amount is appreciated and can add up.  Contact us at peterboroughgleans@hotmail.com or 705 749 9977.  We are picking corn now!

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2018 Gleaning Has Started

Hi Everyone:  Pray for rain.  Area gardens and farms need a little rain. Spring was very short and we jumped right into summer heat.   We have gleaned rhubarb, spinach, garlic scapes and starting strawberries.   Thank you Mcleans and Buckhorn Berry Farms, and Cedar Grove Organic Farm.

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Thank You Everyone!

The committee is organizing funding for the next year.  Thank you to everyone who helped this year.  We gleaned about $28000 worth of food this year!

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2017 Gleaning Season

We are looking for more funding for bus trips that cost $130.00 each. 17 buses and 5 car trips have been out picking strawberries raspberries peas beans sweet corn potatoes crab apples garlic rhubarb tomatoes turnips greens blueberries peppers and more. 

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Gleaning volunteer training for community contacts bus supervisors and field monitors

Register for one of them 705 749 9977.  Monday May 8 630pm. Thurs May 11 130pm Monday May 15 10am Emmanuel united church george st.

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2017 Gleaning season

We are preparing for the new year. Setting up a budget and getting funding and volunteers. If you are interested call 705 749 9977.  

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2016 gleaning season is on its way

We have started gleaning at cedar grove and buckhorn berry farm.  There has been a drought this year but there is still some produce.  If you have produce to glean big or small let us know at 705 749 9977.  We are hoping for more rain.

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